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“Julie is a wonderful coach.  She creates a space for the imagination and the heart to open.  She is intuitive and warm and works to use one’s personal experience and instinct to open the doorway to character." - Maggie Siff

What makes a successful actor?

This is a question I began asking myself early on in my teaching career. I observed that successful actors were:

  • Daring in their creative process

  • Charismatic and irresistible

  • Able to induct an audience

  • Willing to be seen in the spotlight

My intention is to teach a process where an actor can:

  • Connect to the truth of a character and produce a unique, spontaneous, three dimensional performance

  • Connect to themselves by learning self awareness techniques

  • Access the deepest part of themselves

  • Consistently sustain their work at audition level

  • Authentically be present on the set

  • Handle what comes along with an explosive career

“You already are what you want to become. Learn how to access your unique, creative self and expand your acting career.”

Study With Julie

Private Coaching

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Acting Classes

Awareness Circle

Relaxation Technique

Scene Study



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Variety Night

Students write their own pieces every five weeks and some of these are performed.  Audience members are invited to Variety Night.


Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

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